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Why volunteer with Food Not Bombs?

It's flexible, you can choose when you want to volunteer, how long for and doing what.

It gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with the community.

Encompasses these interests: cooking, food security, combating poverty, promoting sustainability, creating meaningful relationships, learning new skills, having fun, creating direct change, politics, social justice issues, gardening, bicycles, baking, and more

Provides a supportive environment for experimentation and trial and error.

Volunteer Roles:
Postering: putting up posters around town to inform people of the upcoming serving
Collecting donations: going to various markets, grocery stores, and restaurants to collect food
Cooking: creating a menu, preparing, and cooking the donated goods
Cleaning I: cleaning the kitchen before cooking, during cooking, and after cooking
Cleaning II: cleaning serving area, making sure serving dishes are cleaned, and cleaning cooking pots after serving
Serving: setting up table, poster and food for the serving, as well as serving the food and drink making sure health standards are appropriately met
Tabling literature: setting up community and politically driven literature for people to take
Entertainment: music, juggling, story telling, painting, dancing, chalking, etc.

If you would like to volunteer with us please contact

Everyone is more than welcome! :)