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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy London: First Occupation Shut Down in Canada

It was a frustrating evening/morning yesterday. Police surrounded the site and took everything they could  tents, generators, personal items, food, other supplies and put them into garbage trucks where everything was compacted. Not only were people's personal items unjustly disposed of but plenty of community members', community organization's, and union's donations were simply wasted as well. We were able to save the library, a lot of cooking supplies, and other basic supplies. We have them stored in various locations at the moment so it is difficult to say what we are missing. We will be needing help restoring peoples lost goods and dampened spirits. Food Not Bombs will continue to support Occupy London and will try to work along with the community members involved to help run FNB more efficiently and hopefully more frequently across the city. The occupation is not going any where, the fire has been lit!


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