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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June 24th Serving at the East Village Arts Co-op

From this point I will attempt to keep a more detailed log of our meals, including kind of sort of recipes.


50 lbs white potatoes
25 lbs box onions
25 lbs box sweet potatoes
big bag o' garlic
10 lbs yellow tomatoes
~10 lbs of dried kidney beans and black beans
Leftovers from the Lady Fest "Ironically Feminist Bake Sale"; Oatmeal raisin cookies, green tea cupcakes, cardamom short-breads, chocolatey granola bars and more!

The Meal

Kidney bean curry with fresh cilantro
Sauce: Fresh tomatoes with skins removed cooked down into a sauce, mixed with garam masala, curry powder, onion and garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Sautée onions in oil until translucent, add tomatoes, spices and beans. Cook over medium low heat until sauce thickens. Garnish with cilantro. As if we measured anything!

Traditional Baked Kidney beans
Kidney beans, veggie oil, diced onion, ketchup, bbq sauce, soy sauce. Bake it at 330 ish until the onions are soft. Sounds gross, tastes amazing.

French Onion Soup
Sweat down a boatload of onions until caramelized. Add soy sauce, red wine vinegar and veggie stock. Cook until delicious.

Mashed Potatoes loaded with Roasted Garlic
Boil potatoes. Mash potatoes with the skins on 'em. Add oil, almond milk, pureed roasted garlic and salt n peppa. Mash a little more. Tada!

Baked Sweet Potatoes
Cube sweet potatoes with skins on. Top with a lil brown sugar, garam masala, salt, pepper and oil. Oh, and a sprinkle of veggie stock for good measure. Bake at 350 until crispy, ~50 mins. Flip every 15 minutes or so.

We served ~35 people, and what little leftovers we had were sent to the Unity Project. All unused produce was handed out during the week. Free Food For All!


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