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Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14th Dundas & Richmond Serving

Thanks to all of the wonderful help we had today the whole process today ended up being a lot of fun and less stressful than we anticipated. We were able to get a lot of donations from the Covenant Garden Market and Nicole was able to drop off two boxes of tomatoes, some peppers, leeks and potatoes off to us from the  Western Fair! We had a lot of help in the kitchen and were able to make a salad, pasta, lentil and vegetable curry, TVP sloppy joes, rosemary french fries, avocado butter-bread and bruschetta, and Laura brought muffins and a sweet potato mash! It was mighty cold out at Dundas and Richmond but we had many people who were interested in having a warm meal and some free groceries. Most of the food got eaten and what did not actually froze! We received some grand donations and one of our vendors actually came by and got to see what we do! It was a lot of fun. For next time: lettuce freezes easily.

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